Monday, October 31, 2005

Author Groupie

Here are a few authors that the EBC has either read or has visited our area this year.
Jack Gantos (cute guy with the glasses) was a wonderful speaker and entertainer and his books are amazing!

David Baldacci (this guy to the left) was the public library's Vive Le Livre (Long Live the Book!) speaker at their annual gala. He wrote Absolute Power and many more.

Chris Crutcher (above with some very stoked students) came for Banned Books Week to defend his work from the Big Bad Censors. He was great.

And one of my favorites, Joshilyn Jackson, the pretty one in the corner, was reviewed by the ECB and she was so kind to pay us a visit. Book clubs, take note! Ms. Jackson is a delight and her books are delicous. She's got a new one coming out in July and her blog is hilarious - I check it out daily.


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