Friday, May 19, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

First - Below are some comments from Amy W. since she wasn't able to make last month's meeting. Sometimes daughters have birthdays and need cake. There's no way around that.

Second - I'm having trouble finding my notes and reader ratings for this book. I know I stuck them somewhere "safe" until I could post, but of course now they have "gone the way of Sayuri's mizuage" and just might be gone forever.
Forgive me, Eclectic Reader-san. If I do find them I'll make sure to post.

Comments from Amy W:
1) Loved the book! I give it a 4.75. I can't believe it is Golden's first novel.

2) Compared to Kite Runner, I thought this one had a more realistic memoir feel. In Kite Runner, there was one big climatic conflict/conclusion, but life isn't like that. This one had lots of little conflicts and resolutions through out, though I didn't like the store as well as Kite Runner so I gave it a lower rating.

3) One thing I generally notice is when a book is written by a man from a female perspective. Usually I won't notice or even think about it and I will be reading a long and then all the sudden, something doesn't ring true, the woman says or does something that seems out of character and I will look at the cover and discover it is a male author. I didn't feel that way for this book.
Here is a Q&A with the author.
have a great discussion!