Thursday, December 22, 2005

EBC Party Recap... things got dirty.

Santa, that is. The Dirty Santa book swap was quite lively this year, with several of the books stolen to their capacity. Here's what we ended up with:
Cathie - Autobiography of a Fat Bride (Steph's book)
Sandy - a Val McDermond library (Val's books)
Will - Memoirs of a Geisha (Amy's book)
Val - Confederacy of Dunces (Caleb's book)
Caleb - The Preservationist (Alycia's book)
Amy - The Kite Runner (Cathie's book)
Stephenie - The Dante Club (Sean's book)
Alycia - About a Boy (Steph's book)
Kevin - The Hours (Sandy's book)
Sean - Diary (Kevin's book)
Jennifer - When Women Come Out to Dance (Will's book)

The short stories were as varied as they had ever been! Everyone enjoyed them...
Others were "The Man Who Liked Dogs" submitted by Val, "This Dog's Life" submitted by Cathie, "Fruit & Words" submitted by Stephenie, a chapter from Haunted submitted by Kevin, "The Last Word and Other Stories" submitted by Sean, "Nicholas Was" submitted by Brandy, a chapter from The Tender Bar submitted by Caleb, "On Touching By Accident" submitted by Amy, a chapter from The Things They Carried submitted by Will, and "Accomplice" submitted by Alycia.

Big thanks to the Townsends for being our gracious hosts again this year!


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